About Open Spectrum

   Keeping it blissfully simple

We are a small team of engineers from Canberra—a city we believe embodies this concept. To us, something is blissfully simple when design and function work together to solve a problem. At Open Spectrum that means taking the principles of efficiency and reliability that consumers have come to expect from radiocommunications consulting services and incorporating the web—along with its open standards and technologiesto develop an easy-to-use and readily extensible platform that drastically reduces the turnaround time for providing you access to the radio frequency spectrum. We see ourselves as an extension of your radiocommunications division and expect your service experience to be seamless and transparent.

   For the Community

We are all increasingly part of a networked society. Spectrum, being both a shared and limited resource, requires an engaged and collaborative effort from all stakeholders—from the regulator to the consumer. Open Spectrum is looking forward to working with the Australian Communication and Media Authority's (the ACMA's) position as a world leader in the open and community-involved nature of spectrum management. We see ourselves as an enabler for efficient access to this resource, not an 'extra step'.

Our Team

Juan Pablo Casetta


Juan Pablo CasettaJuan Pablo is an academic and accomplished radiocommunications engineer. He has a Bachelor in Electronics and Communications Engineering from the University of Canberra, where he was awarded the University Medal and has since lectured. Previously working for the ACMA, he has contributed to the development of key RALIs more notably in the 700MHz, 2.3GHz and 28GHz bands.

Juan Pablo has lived and breathed spectrum management for most of his professional life and sees Open Spectrum as a way to extend his contribution to spectrum management in Australia, a passion of his. Juan Pablo demonstrates that in this field fun, hard work and success can go hand-in-hand. When he's not busy working on improving something here, he can be found working on his other great love—the family BBQ.

Milos Stankovic


Milos StankovicMilos is a radiocommunications engineer with a creative flair. Having also seen the 'inside' of the industry working as a frequency assigner—and tackled the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis—Milos has become an advocate for innovation and modernisation in spectrum management. He believes that every engineering problem has a solution, if you're creative enough to find it.

His strategic vision paved the way for the development of the software tools developed and used in-house. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunications and a Bachelor of Commerce from the ANU. Milos is keen on the web and its technologies, and lives by the maxim that every quality functional tool should have an interface to match.

Aleksandar Stankovic


Aleksandar StankovicA software engineer with a keen eye for most things 'tech', Aleks is always looking to apply his skills in this field on any medium that can challenge them. At Open Spectrum he's scaling the engineering to address the challenges that arise with the radiocommunications industry's rapid growth and the need for quicker turnaround times for access to the radio frequency spectrum. Aleks' mantra is that it's the quality of the process that delivers results.

He holds a Bachelor of Software Engineering from the ANU and has previously worked as a Senior Consultant at IBM Australia, working on large-scale tech solutions for government clients.
Being a passionate football fan, he usually prefers the stadium and a jersey to the office and a suit.